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LED lamp

Светодиодные лампы


Car led lights is a cost — effective alternative to a traditional incandescent bulb. Install diode lamps, or as they are called, LED light bulb — so to kill several birds with one stone. Led lights will allow you to save on energy consumption and fuel consumption, but additionally gives your car a more attractive appearance. LEDs in almost all respects superior to conventional light bulbs, and even have some advantages compared to the xenon. The advantages and disadvantages of led lamps Lately, LEDs have become very popular in everyday life, despite the fact that they cost at least 10 times more expensive than usual bulbs. The main reason for this is economy. The lifespan of the led lamp can be up to 10 years, and its power consumption is many times lower than the "classics". In vehicles all of these benefits are especially important as the lower the current consumption, the more noticeable reducing the load on the battery. Yes and change the bulb will have much less. Led fixtures today can be found in many foreign cars, even budget. For example, they are often used in brake lights, indicators, turn signals and instrument panels. However, along with the many advantages, led also has disadvantages. For example, many experts believe that these lamps are harmful to health. So is it worth to change regular bulbs to led? LEDs – benefit or harm? Recently a study was published by the Spanish scientists who found that prolonged exposure led to a person's eyes can cause irreversible changes that can lead to blindness. Because of the nature of the distribution of the light spectrum, LEDs can cause damage to the retinal cells. However, it is necessary to say that these studies relate to household lamps. The impact of LEDs on human vision in the car is negligible. For motorists who have decided to change normal bulbs to led, there are other arguments against. First, this is a very high price that exceeds the cost of traditional incandescent bulbs in 10-50 times, so the initial purchase costs of these lamps will be very high. In addition, the required led's nominal operating current. In the simplest cases this problem is solved by a resistor, but in a more complex will have to install additional electronic modules — power sources. At the same time in favor of replacing svetodiod many factors. First, such lamps are significantly longer traditional. They withstand temperatures from -30C to +70C, are heated much less, consume significantly less electricity. Properly installed the led bulb is more resistant to vibration and shock, which is very essential for the car, traveling on Russian roads. The time performance of the led, as it was estimated, at 200 milliseconds less than that of traditional incandescent bulbs. When you install the led in the stop-signal the driver following behind the car will see the indicator is triggered before 200 MS, which increases with the speed of 120 km/h the braking distance is 6.6 m and at a speed of 60 km/h is 3.3 m. Experts say that well-designed LEDs from a good manufacturer will work without replacement is approximately the same as the whole car. The led installation: where to start? Experts advise to start with replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with LEDs in the dimensions, lights Luggage compartment light, glove box lighting. You must look at the bases used in the vehicle lamp, to pick up a similar, but led. By the way, it is possible to choose and the temperature of the glow that is warm white (closer to the yellow glow of incandescent bulbs), just white and cool white (gives the blue). Very popular in recent years was the installation of led strip in the trunk. This requires only ordinary double sided tape. The subtleties of when installing the LEDs Installing LEDs in the turn signals can lead to the fact that these lights, because of the nature of led lighting that is blinking more often than usual. Experts propose a few solutions to this problem. The first is to purchase LEDs with so-called "resistor-deception." Disadvantage of this option is that is lost the main advantage of LEDs — low power consumption. There are other options related to the manipulation of the relay the turn signals, but they are best left to professionals, referring to this proven service. If my car has on-Board self-diagnostic system, then the installation of LEDs might turn on warnings about blown bulbs, as the onboard computer will see a decrease current consumption. To remove this signal, you must connect a diagnostic computer and make adjustments. Or you can just not pay attention to the warning. The bottom line Replacement in-car incandescent bulbs with led will reduce the load on the battery of lighting, on average, 85%. You can also save on the purchases themselves, light bulbs that won't need to change every year or six months. LEDs are much more durable than incandescent lamps.