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When making a hull car owners will be able to inspect the car


Car owners will be able to conclude contracts of voluntary motor insurance – CASCO – inspect the car yourself. About it the newspaper "Izvestia" described in the company Intouch has developed a smartphone app that allows you to conclude insurance contracts remotely. It is expected that in the next few months the new way to design policies will be used by 8% of motorists. At the same time, the remote service will expand the opportunities of fraud, if not to take additional protection measures. Remote purchase of insurance offered by many insurers. To calculate and order the policy on the websites of the respective companies. However, the issue of the policy by the client, until recently, was impossible, because the insurance agent had to inspect the car and photograph it before signing the contract. Thus all forms of remote registration of the policy KASKO in the final stage was the courier. Now the car when you purchase a fully electronic contract may hold the client with a smartphone. "To buy a policy, you need to register on the site, putting your data into the database. Then the client should pay for the service, while the amount of money is frozen at the time of inspection machines and in case of failure – returns. Next, the application is installed on the smartphone, and a vehicle inspection is performed using a video camera on his device," – said the representative of the company Intouch Paul Butenko. At the moment, if the contract CASCO insurance for cars aged up to five years, the price of which does not exceed 1.1 million roubles. "With the development of applications for remote purchases will be less errors and returns documents. Insurance coverage for the average person without the help of a professional is quite a difficult task. A smartphone app if it is thought, will guide him to right action and to protect from wrong," said Deputy Executive Director of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Sergey Efremov. One of the main features of the design of the policy through the Internet is that the insurer provides insurance in electronic form immediately without inspection of the vehicle to assess its technical condition. This created the scammers the loopholes to gain unreasonable compensation. So still wishing to purchase a policy through the Internet was limited. In particular, the insured vehicle must have been in the showroom at the moment when his future owner prepares insurance. It's guaranteed damage. Thus, the electron hull at the moment, is provided only to owners of brand new cars. With the advent of mobile applications, the question arises about the authenticity of the photos, which forwards the insurer client. The developers claim that this problem is solved. "Establish programs that check the pictures for the presence of adjustments, recorded GPS coordinates, and analyzes the quality of the photos and used a different security algorithms," said Butenko from the company Intouch.