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LED lamp

                                                                        Led automobile bulbs "ВосхоD" – the safety of the driver and pedestrians

The quality of automotive lighting depends largely on the traffic safety and driver comfort. How clearly the motorist sees the image of the road and possible obstacles, the health and the lives of those in the car, and pedestrians. Thanks to the bright luminous flux in excess of 20 times the power of light from conventional lights, led elements allow the human driver to watch the road at a great distance. Quality light in the car helps to avoid discomfort while driving and promotes driver concentration.

There are many versions of led auto lamps:

For lights;
Stop lamps;
Marker lights, etc.
The cost of led lamps for vehicles depends on the configuration and destination.

Advantages of led lamps for cars

The main advantage of Avtosvet this class is reliability. In comparison with the predecessor (nakaniwa lamp) led lamp is durable, although more expensive.

In addition, led car lamps have the following advantages:

Through pure and bright lights give the car an aesthetic appearance;
Compared to the elements of the filament automobile bulbs ... led consume 10 times less energy. This helps reduce the load on the battery and the generator, which significantly increases the service life of these expensive devices;
Led lamp for car buy it now at any Autoshop. They are somewhat more expensive than the old model, but because of its durability are the best value. They have less to change, and pays the cost;
Led car lamps are not heated, which makes them different from ordinary siteelements. Due to this advantage, the plastic headlights that are installed on the majority of cars of economy class, do not melt and do not burn. In addition, the mirror coating inside the headlight does not burn, which also prolongs its service life;
Automobile bulbs ... led adapted to moisture and temperature. In comparison with halogen lamps they are well tolerate extreme temperatures and not fail when the build-up of condensation inside the headlamp;
Compared to halogen led bulb for car have extreme resistance to vibration and mechanical stress.
Buy led bulb for car wholesale from a slad of our company. They are designed for installation on vehicles of any manufacture and model. To install the led in the car does not require the intervention of a professional. This can be done independently.

Order led bulbs for cars in our company by phone in Moscow 8 (495) 133-59-79. Leave a request on the website, and within 15 minutes we will call you back.

Led automobile bulbs ... from the company "ВосхоD" will become your new word in the field of quality and reliability of automotive products!